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How Are Normal Women Using This “Hidden” Skill In The Beauty Industry To Make More Money Than A Plastic Surgeon — Doing What They Love…Working Part Time?

Without Spending A Fortune On School or Wasting Years of Their Life

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Let me take you on a little journey — a journey that began with shaky hands, globs of glue, and a dream that almost died on a discount Groupon deal. 


A journey that transformed me from a struggling esthetician into a six-figure lash artist with a waitlist that stretches into next year.


I remember my first set of lashes; it took me 5 excruciating hours, and they were awful. I was ready to quit, throw in the towel, and settle for a life giving facials and massages. But then, life threw me a curveball.


As a young mom, fresh from a painful divorce, I found myself holding the shattered pieces of my life.


I had a foreclosed home, zero savings, and a 3-year-old daughter who depended on me. The script I'd been taught— graduate, marry, buy a house had betrayed me.


I was angry, hopeless, and backed into a corner.


In that moment, I decided: never again.


I knew I had to dig deep. It was just me and my daughter, Juliette. I had no consistent income, no clients, and no idea how to break free from the chains of a traditional job that would have stifled my soul.


So, I gambled on myself.


I returned to the beauty industry, a world that had always captivated me, but this time with an unshakable determination to redefine success on my terms.


2013 flashback: with my daughter Juliette the day Uptown Charm opened. What a journey!

The truth is, “traditional advice” just doesn’t work.


Let's get real for a second...


How many estheticians or hairstylists do you know who are actually thriving? 

If you listen to society or even family, you'll hear that a "real job" like a lawyer or a doctor is the only path to financial security. 


I'm here to shatter that myth.


The Lash Revolution: My 3D Method


I wasn't an overnight success. Far from it, in fact.


I struggled with clumsy tweezers, sticky glue, and endless hours spent on single sets. But I persevered. I threw out the rulebook that the industry gave me and built my own playbook—the 3D lash method, a groundbreaking technique that radically changed the game.


This wasn't just about faster, better lashing; it was a revolution that would challenge the entire industry and redefine what it meant to be a lash artist.


Using my 3D lash method and unique business roadmap, I created Uptown Charm, a business model that turned conventional wisdom on its head.


In doing so, I not only gained financial independence but also helped empower other women to reclaim their lives, just as I did mine.

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The Six-Figure Lash Artist Program

So, here's your chance to follow in my footsteps, to bypass the years of trial and error, and to jumpstart your career with the cutting-edge techniques and business strategies that will set you apart in this $700 billion industry. 


Welcome to the Six-Figure Lash Artist program.


This isn't just a course; it's a manifesto for all women who've been told they can't, when all they needed was the right toolset to prove they can.


Are you ready to break free and transform your skill into a six-figure empire? 


This is your time. This is your year. And this is the program that will take you there.

In Just 30 Days, You'll Master These
Six-Figure Lash Skills

Upscale Atmosphere Mastery

Discover how to create an ambiance that will attract and retain high-end clients (w/o spending a lot!)

Exclusive Technique

Access my proprietary technique that replaces conventional lash maps, making your work art that cannot be duplicated.

Quality Over Quantity

Unveil the secrets behind selecting top-quality lash extensions, and why the Classics should be your go-to choice.

The Painter’s Method

Learn my secret sauce on lash application, skyrocketing your retention rates by 2-3X.

Tailor-Made Designs

Delve into lash theory and learn how to customize lash designs for each client. No lash map repeats here.

Intricate Separation Skills

Master the art of lash separation for those ultra-detailed sets that clients adore. My book-page technique makes it so easy!

Personalized Perfection

Understand how to adjust your lash sets based on individual features, offering each client a uniquely mesmerizing look.

Fix and Convert

Turn someone else’s lash disaster into your success story. Learn how to repair and improve lashes, converting newcomers into loyal clients.

Year-Long Waitlists

Unlock my 3-step approach to ensure your booking calendar is filled months in advance.

Efficiency Is Earnings

Master quick and precise techniques to meet the demanding schedules of high-end clients—because time really is money.

Versatility and Safety

Learn how to safely perform lashing that complements popular beauty treatments, even for the fussiest diva clients.

Charge What You're Worth

In just 30 days, you'll learn how to confidently charge premium prices that reflect your unparalleled expertise and quality.

Your dream life awaits

This Isn’t Just About Lashes— It’s About Changing Your Life


Six-Figure Lash Artist is not just a series of videos.


It’s a direct line to every hard-won lesson, every game-changing technique, and every business-savvy decision that took me from the brink of financial disaster to a six-figure income and beyond.

Are you ready to elevate your game?


This program offers more than just skill—it offers the business insight, pro lash insider tips, and the psychological finesse to turn your lash artistry into a booming, rewarding business. All you need is the willingness to take the leap.​

Meet Your Instructor

Hey there! I’m Leah Vidrine, a beauty business mogul and master celebrity lash artist with over 12 years of experience.


I founded Charm Lash Academy with one mission: to make it as easy as possible for YOU to find the same success I’ve enjoyed in my lash business.


I'm here to hand you the keys to your empire—no secrets, no fluff, no gate-keeping babe. Just actionable strategies that work. 

Leah Vidrine
Founder of Charm Lash Academy

What's Inside The Six-Figure
Lash Artist Program?


You Career-Making Toolkit

  • Video Lessons: These are not your run-of-the-mill tutorials. Get high-quality, step-by-step video lessons covering everything from lash theory to the latest techniques.

  • Skills Tutorials: Deep-dive sessions that guide you in mastering specific lash artistry techniques.

  • Editable PDF Templates: Ready-to-use templates to kickstart your own lash business, from client consent forms to marketing materials.

  • Helpful Worksheets/Cheat Sheets: Designed to reinforce your learning and serve as quick reference guides.

  • Resource Lists: A compendium of links and resources you’ll need to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Lash Cart Checklist: A detailed list of must-have items for your lash cart.

Tools of the Trade

  • $70K+ Lash Kit: Access to the exact tools, glue, and lashes I use, complete with direct links to build your own high-end kit.

Certification & Support

  • Certification: Successfully complete the program and earn a certificate, along with a spot on our exclusive directory to boost your visibility and credibility.

  • CLA Support Team: Have questions? Our dedicated support team is just an email or phone call away.

  • Community Access: Join a private group of other Certified Lash Artists for networking, sharing tips, and moral support.

Lifetime Access & Future Updates

  • Complete Access: Enjoy lifetime access to all materials across any and all devices you own.

  • Future-Proof Your Investment: Enroll now and you’ll be grandfathered into all future updates, even as the enrollment fee increases for new students.

Working with students at Uptown Charm

Meet Our Students

Here's what some of our top students are doing after graduating from the Six-Figure Lash Artist program.

Heather K. nearly tripled her income in 6 months

I love doing lashes now. Just with the increase in my income from lashing alone I am now able to begin phasing out my second job because my income has become so much more, and is just so stable!

Heather Karr - Lash Artist

Anastasia opened studios in New York, Miami and Houston.


I highly recommend Leah and her academy to anyone who is looking to pursue a career in lash extensions. Her expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for her students’ success make her the ideal mentor.


I am confident that anyone who learns from her will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the industry.

Thank you, Leah, for all that you have done for me and countless others. I wish you continued success with Charm Lash Academy.

Anastasia - Lash Artist + Business Owner at CityGlow


How You Can Easily Make Over $100,000 Your First Year As A Lash Artist Working Part-Time!


In Venice, Italy

Master Lash Artists know that with the proper information and training, a career in the lash industry can easily create a six-figure career working just part-time (as little as 12 hours per week). This is because the demand for skilled artists is high and your clients will need consistent maintenance.  This is life-changing for the well-trained lash artist!


I know it sounds too good to be true, so I did some math for you. Here's the breakdown:

Your potential earnings as a Charm Lash Certified Artist

Here's what your income could like on an annual basis, based on an hourly average

for Charm Lash Academy graduates:

  • Working 12/hrs per week = $100,800/year

  • Working 15/hrs per week = $126,000/year

  • Working 20/hrs per week = $168,000/year

  • Working 25/hrs per week = $210,000/year

  • Working 30/hrs per week = $252,000/year

After you've received your certification from Charm Lash Academy, you can easily charge up to $350 for a full set of lashes. This is industry standard for a Master Lash Artist and your clients will happily invest in themselves.


Each appointment lasts an average of 2 hours, so you'll average about $175/hour once you are fully trained.

Not to be rude, but this is more than most professionals with a Masters Degree or doctorate make.


In fact, according to Zip Recruiter, the average plastic surgeon in the United States makes about $168/hour.

US annual average salaries for plastic surgeons (2023)

Obviously it will take time to work up to these numbers as your skill improves and you attract increasingly affluent clientele — but the pathway is clear and the opportunity is yours for the taking!


Along with a wealthy bank account, you'll get to set your own schedule and be your own boss so you can start living the life you've dreamed of! I've done this for over a decade in my own business, and I've trained many lash artists the Charm Lash techniques that have allowed them to go out and do the same.

Now, it's your turn!

Are you ready to invest in a career that can transform your life and provide you with financial freedom?


Are you ready to ditch the 9-to-5 grind and build a business that truly reflects your passion and expertise?

If so, click here to enroll in the Six-Figure Lash Artist Program and begin your transformation today!

Here's to your success! I'll see you inside the program.

Lashes + Love,

Leah Vidrine

*Our Guarantee: After helping so many people successfully start + scale their lash businesses over the past 8 years, we are confident that the strategies inside of our courses WORK (if you do!) and for this reason, we do NOT offer refunds under any circumstances. I am available to help you through any sticky spots!


Please make sure you are 100% committed before enrolling - and we are happy to answer any questions you have to make sure the Program is the right fit for you beforehand! HMU.

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