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Can Mascara Be Used With Lash Extensions?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Mascara is typically not needed with lash extensions and is one of the biggest benefits!

However, some of my clients really love a glamorous look for special occasions, so I went on the hunt!

Our tried and true brand discontinued theirs after my 13 years working with them and I kinda freaked out. But hey it's 2023 and we have learned a lot about pivoting.

After about 4 months of extensive research and buying several tubes to try, I finally landed on our new botanical mascara.


It was super important to me that our new mascara was clean, organic, healthy, nourishing and eco-conscious. I also wanted it ethically sourced and less plastic waste. Welp, our new natural mascara comes in a 100% compostable box and checks all my marks.

It is mutually safe for lash extension and keratin lash lift clients!! Hooray! Aaannd, it smells yummy due to the vanilla and cinnamon.

Make it look good

A long-lasting, flake-free, and clump-free mascara enriched with lash nourishing and conditioning ingredients that stimulate lash growth while lifting and separating lashes for a fanned out look. Also great for sensitive eyes! Is there really anything else you would want in a mascara?!!

Make sure it's safe

Always make sure when recommending a mascara to your extension clients that it is glycol-free! Most mascaras have those in them unfortunately, and will break down your lash adhesive.

New Lash Aftercare Kits

Make sure it comes off

Also recommend that your client cleanses those makeup-clad lashes with a lash extension friendly cleanser.

I went the extra step to make kits for my clients so they would have everything at their fingertips to keep their investment looking good for weeks!

Curious to see everything in it? Watch this.

Happy lashing, babes!

XoXo, Leah


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