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Secrets to Lash Retention: Keeping Clients, Making Money, and Attracting Celebrities!

I'm so excited about today's topic because it's something near and dear to my heart - lash retention. Over the past 12 years, I've seen it all, and let me tell you, good retention is like the golden ticket in the lash business. So how do you attract a celebrity clientele? I’m going to share with you exactly how retention plays a huge part in your repeat clientele and exactly how to get better at it right now! Let’s get into it.

Have you ever heard those heartbreaking tales of clients who got their lashes done, flaunted a stunning set for a week, and then, poof, they disappeared into thin air within two weeks? I'm sure you have, and it's a story that resonates with many of us in the lash industry. The time, effort, and money invested, only to end up looking like a lash disaster for a week. It's a nightmare for both the client and the lash tech who did the work.

Now, here's where I come in. I've turned this unfortunate scenario into a success story. Clients come to me, get lash extensions, and magically return two weeks later with 80% of their lashes still intact. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it's not.

Retention is the secret sauce to building a successful lash career

But wait a minute, you might be thinking, "If they last longer, I'll see them less often, which means less money, right?" Wrong! In fact, it means you've become the go-to lash artist for a very specific clientele - celebrities, movie stars, doctors, millionaire lawyers, CEOs, senators, and other high-powered professionals. I'll dive deeper into that in just a bit.

So, how long are your clients maintaining their lash sets? Are they coming back every two weeks, every four weeks, or even longer? My clients, believe it or not, came back after a whopping 3 months during the COVID shutdown, and some of those lash extensions were still hanging on, albeit a bit sparser. Can your clients benefit from longer-lasting extensions? You bet!

Now, let's talk about the secret ingredients that make lash retention a reality: technique, client education, and making life easier for their next appointment.

Client Education

This is a relationship, an investment, a partnership. Your clients need to do their part too! As you're doing your final separation, it's time to give them a little reminder. Yes, I provide my clients with a low-maintenance beauty enhancement, but I stress that it's not "no maintenance." Keep it simple - the less they do, the better the lashes stay.

>>>They must keep their lashes dry for the first 24 hours. I know it's tempting to flash cure, but trust me, your clients don't want stiff, uncomfortable extensions. I reserve flash curing for clients with allergies because allowing the adhesive to cure naturally results in a softer, more flexible bond that's much more comfortable to live in.

Teach them how to brush their lashes - gently, from the middle to the ends with their eyes closed in the morning, and then open and give a little shimmy shake to separate them. And they should only do this once a day. Keeping the lashes clean and separated allows the natural lashes' roots to breathe and grow, promoting normal growth cycles. Brushing the bases daily can wear down the bond and cause lifting.

Say no to liquid liners, oils, and makeup removers, including micellar water, which contains oil. As a side note, here's a fun story - back when I was just starting out and my daughter was still in diapers, I made the mistake of using a baby wipe to remove my makeup. After a single swipe, my lash extensions were all on the wipe! It was impressive but also a lesson learned.

Avoid mineral oil. So, what should they use? I recommend Novalash Lashpads; they clean, condition, and remove makeup with ease. Show your clients how to use them by pressing the pad into the lashes, focusing on the lash line, and then brushing the oil through. Or a gentle, effective lash bath with a soft brush - we just started retailing our own and clients are going bonkers!

Making Your Next Appointment Easier

Knowing what your clients are coming in with is a game-changer. It makes getting started on their fills a breeze. No stuck-together lashes, a clear view of lash growth, and their shape and design intact.

If they've lost a lot of extensions, it's time for a conversation! Have they been sick? Remember, lashes, like hair loss and skin issues, can signal underlying health concerns. Check their skincare routine to identify any culprits and advise them to keep products away from the orbital bone. Remind them not to let face wash or shampoo run over their eyes when rinsing.

Are they picking at their lashes, sleeping on their face, or using eye drops? You can't babysit them, but you can let them know you're aware of their lash care habits. This awareness can lead to better client behavior and healthier lashes.

Your clients are your walking billboards and your reputation. Take the time to apply extensions meticulously, separate with insane detail, and educate your clients on how to care for their lash extensions.

Now, let's talk about the clientele you're after.

They're busy, no-nonsense individuals who want long-lasting, full lashes without frequent touch-ups. They need high-quality work delivered efficiently and with focus.

Better retention rates are the key to attracting this upscale clientele and giving you the green light to increase your rates. 

When you're fully booked and have a waitlist, you know you've made it. I've had clients drive across states just to get their lashes done by me because they can easily go four weeks between fills and keep their lashes looking fabulous. And here's a pro tip: we're not talking about those over-the-top thick volume extensions that look ridiculous after a month. That's not what your clients, or any new clients, want to be seen with.

I really hope you've learned something valuable that will help you in your lash business. If you found this blog helpful, please consider leaving a review or sharing it with your fellow lash artists. **If you have any questions or feel stuck in any aspect of your journey, don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message. I'm here to support you, share my experience, and make your path to success easier!

And if you're ready to take the leap into a proven 6-Figure Lash Artist career, don't miss the opportunity to join Charm Lash Academy's 30-Day Certification Program. Your future in the lash world awaits, and it’s looking pretty bright babe!

>>Ready to be a master lash artist and redefine your success? Sign up today for Charm Lash Academy and let me, Leah Vidrine, mentor you on the journey to mastering lash artistry.

XoXo, Leah

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