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Choosing the Right Lash Extension Training Program for Your Success

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

I’ve already taken a lash training. 

- I’ve heard this so many times when asking one of my students about their prior lashing experience before entering the course.

Look, a lot of us are strapped for cash or just trying to get our hands on whatever education seems easily accessible. Especially as we are just getting out of beauty school and trying to find our specialty, or decide if being a jack of all trades is the way to go. What happens almost every single time though is that you take a course - maybe even pay a lot of money for it - and though you felt passionate about getting it right and branching out, you just do not feel confident lashing, so you stop really pushing your services and decide maybe lashing just isn't right for you.

The significance of choosing the perfect lash extension training program cannot be overstated. It's the foundation upon which you'll build your future as a thriving lash artist and entrepreneur. A meticulously selected program can empower you with the knowledge, expertise, and confidence to elevate your lash artistry skills and business prowess to new heights.

Becoming a lash artist takes time, energy and commitment - don't just pick any course. Pick a course that is inclusive!

** Make sure you are getting the foundations of lashing**

You need to know how to pick the right tools, glue and lashes that will set you up for success. A lot of companies offering lash classes have a retail brand so of course that’s the tools they recommend, but they are a retail brand first with usually a cheap class to get you in because they make their money off of the recurring product orders, not the education.

After owning a beauty studio for almost 10 years now - I don't believe one company does all the things BEST. So I've always picked, tried, trialed and then chose each product or tool, regardless of brand, ensuring they are the very best and what I want my clients to experience.

Par Example: I carry 5 different skincare lines inside my beauty studio- and I do not carry the same product in any one of them. "This one has the best eye cream, but this one has the best brightening mask, but this one has the best spf."

Be picky.

If it's not the very best you want your clients to have, don’t use it. I’ve obviously also did this in my 6-figure lash artist program because its the exact formula that I use on my own lash clients and I honestly haven't pivoted much over the 12 years I’ve been doing lashes, except for adding one amazing new lash extension brand that really up-leveled my lashing game!

**Understanding the "Why" Behind Techniques**

Make sure the course you choose is teaching you the fundamentals of WHY you are doing what you are doing so that you know how to troubleshoot in the future when needed, and how to pivot to really make it your own art.

I can tell you to dip the lash into the glue and apply it to the top of the natural lash….. But if you do not know how to properly do that (there’s actually a technique) or why its important to do it a certain way, then your client's extensions will start popping off the moment they walk out the door.

**Customization and Technique Mastery**

Lash maps are fun - but you know what people pay for? Customization from a professional who knows what lashes would look best on THEM. One-size-fits-all approaches rarely work in luxury lash artistry. Every client has unique eye shapes, brow structures, and lash health, which calls for a customized approach. Take a course that is teaching a technique that is repeatable and adaptable but gives you a fundamental foundation to refer to.

**Business and Client Acquisition Skills**

Lastly, pick a course that teaches you how to get clients! Make sure there is an aspect that educates you on how to grow your business, get booked out in advance and manage your ordering/expenses to maximize your profits.

**The 6-Figure Lash Artist Program: A Holistic Approach**

For those who are committed to achieving excellence in their lash artistry career, the 6-Figure Lash Artist Program by Charm Lash Academy offers a holistic and comprehensive approach.

Developed by a seasoned beauty professional with over 12 years of personal experience (Hi, it's Leah!), this program focuses on instilling a deep understanding of lash extension techniques, troubleshooting, customization, and successful business strategies. The 6-Figure Lash Artist Program sets aspiring lash artists on the path to be wildly successful in this fun + lucrative industry!

To learn more about the program, its benefits, and how it can transform your lash extension career, visit the Charm Lash Academy website.

Wondering if you are a good fit for the program? Take my free quiz!

As always, reach out to me with any questions so you can go into this next chapter of your life confident, and ready to kill it at the lash game!

XoXo, Leah


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