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Hi Lovely! Did you know I was almost a lobbyist?

I was almost a lobbyist. I have a dual degree in Pre-Law and French from LSU. I did pretty great on my LSAT, got rave rec letters, and then quietly closed that chapter. I just couldn't apply to Law School. My heart wanted something very different. I had ACNE. Not like breakouts, but stage 4: red, peeling, lots of scars ACNE. I was ashamed and tried to hide my face with my hair and tons of makeup. At 18, I got a facial and the esthetician convinced me that a Chemical Peel would be super beneficial. I was desperate: I had tried oral antibiotics, creams, gels, prayer and bartering for my soul, so frying my skin seemed like the next best thing. Holy crap. It was a life-saver and changed EVERYTHING. I knew that I wanted to do for other women, what she did for me. And like any other Southern gal I wanted to tell literally everyone I knew. I wanted to scream: "There is a cure!!! You don't have to live with this!" I had some photos taken and without my knowledge the photographer entered a closeup of me into a competition, and WON. She showed me after and I was more than blown away and humbled, then INSPIRED.

I've been an esthetician for 12 years now and every day is like a coffee date with a girlfriend. We gossip, tell secrets and trade the best new places to eat in the city. All while I get to make them feel a little prettier and a lot more confident in themselves. It's my dream job and I'm living it.

After a decade, 8 certifications, numerous trade shows, webinars, literally thousands of clients (got off to a quick start when my first salon manager ran a groupon) and now being an educator - you learn a few things. I've learned people's fears, hesitations, needs and desires. Honestly, it boils down to real lack of education. I don't blame you. Everyone's screaming to put something on your face, making promises with magnetic eyeliner and swearing that mixing cinnamon and olive oil give you a beautiful glow. It doesn't but it sure will get your blood flowing, possibly give you a rash and help with stretch marks! It's overwhelming and I want to help. Drugstores brands, beauty hacks, which expensive stuff is actually worth it, how to get rid of that pimple before the ball - no not you Cinderella, the Bacchus Bash, duh.

XoXo, Leah

I'm a New Orleans native with a PASSION for inspiring confidence in women.

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