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Workshop Recap: Charm Lash Academy

I get to the salon and turn on all the lights, the A/C and make sure the lash bed looks how I want. I sip my coffee while I wait for everyone else. It’s our first official lash workshop for Charm Lash Academy and I’m nervous and super excited! The videographer comes up the stairs first. He has lights, multiple cameras, stands, and bags and asks

“Have you been professionally on camera before?” Nope. “Oh, you’ll be great!” Now I’m more nervous.

My business partner comes up next. “Ok, get mic’d up and you’ll be speaking directly into the camera. HOLD UP. I thought you would just tape while I taught???

I’m sweating.

Starting something new is so hard y’all. Sucking at stuff, really sucks.

But it hit me, you can’t grow if you don’t change, and failing is usually part of the process.

I learned a long time ago; nothing is special about those who succeed at what they do. They were just more willing to fail publicly and keep going than most.

Pep talk: Just do it scared! Screw it up, do it again. What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s better than no action and staying stuck. Staying in the same place for me is just not an option. I’m miserable there.

So I did it scared and quickly realized this is exactly where my students are. Learning, growing, investing in themselves, taking the leap, and starting in the suck, so they can one day master the skill and grow their confidence.

After the first 30 minutes, it was slightly better, but once I got to teaching – my whole focus was on my student and her grasping the skill and concepts.

I love teaching. I love watching other women grow and succeed. I am my students’ biggest cheerleader! The lash industry gets me fired up because there is so much opportunity!!

I would show her how to dip, swipe and place the extensions and then watch her struggle as she tried to do it with ease. It’s awesome to master something and do it with your eyes closed, but man there’s something beautiful in learning something new.

As she was learning to lash, I was learning to be on camera (which my business partner mastered years ago!). So many levels of expertise in one room.

We are all here with certain gifts and being able to share that is magical.

Watch Michael Jordan dunk a basketball. How do you do it? Run, jump, and put the ball in the hoop. Oh.

What seems simple in steps - in the action is not always so. You can have the steps to something. You can have the videos.

But unless you have the whys, the tools, the special techniques, and the support, your chance of success is not that great.

If I went out with a basketball and tried to dunk, well I’m 5’1” so first of all, it’s not happening. But if I had a basketball pro coach me on exact technique, how to place my feet, where to have my eyesight, the exact moment to jump, how to deal with the nerves, which shoes to wear, what size, how to hold the ball, form, etc.? THAT would give me a hell of a lot better of a chance.

My academy does that. I’ve trained girls for over a decade in my salon on esthetics, beauty treatments, and customer service. I know what it takes to make someone who wants to be successful at something really get it, and get really good at it!

Some learn by doing, some watching, some need to screw it up and learn for themselves, but all of them need to understand the theory behind what they are doing to make it make sense and they all need follow-up support.

You don’t get successful all by yourself.

I have a business coach. My coaches have coaches and theirs do too. We live in a world now where people can help you get where you want to be much quicker because they’ve already done it, made the mistakes, learned what worked, and are willing to share that experience in a way that streamlines the process of learning something new! Success is in the support.

So we lashed. And it was glorious. The End.


Just joking. We struggled and the more I taught her, the more it made sense. The more practice she did, the better she got. And by the second half of the second day, we were both jumping up and down about a perfectly placed lash extension!

Then it was glorious.

Her technique and speed escalated and were just exponentially better. She did freaking fantastic!

This feels right. This feels like where I am supposed to be. And I’m beyond grateful and humbled to be here. I cannot wait to guide, teach and coach as many women as possible and watch them reach their dreams.

Charm Lash Academy workshop is just the beginning. The reason it was filmed is because we are in production of an online program that will be available globally.

As with all things, I wanted it to be top-of-the-line and these things take time and a whole lot of research. It’s coming together and launch day is approaching.

If you have been wanting to master your lashing skills, take the next step in your career and start living a life that you get to design, jump on the VIP waitlist.

I am so excited about getting this in your hands that I have a super special pre-launch promo for everyone who signs up for VIP. Now is the time, because I don't know if it will ever be this price again and only those on the list are getting the oppurtunity to buy at this special price.

Sign up here, and I'll see you inside the course!

XoXo, Leah

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